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With ecelearn, learners can start progressing from the moment they first log in. Using our intuitive navigation, speed, simplicity and clean design, our online learning management system will keep your learners coming back for more. ecelearn is a web based online Learning Management System (LMS), giving you the convenience of a software as a service (SaaS).

The ecelearn template supplies and manages course instructional content, automatically tracks student progress towards course completion, provides communication and resource platforms between learners and instructors, all while collecting and collating data so supervisors can monitor the learning process for an organisation.



Monitor learner progress anytime, anywhere. Set assessments for your courses (such as essays) and mark work with our advanced ecelearn online marking feature. Communication with students online has never been easier!


Creating effective online learning solutions with ecelearn is an easy step by step process. Using ecelearn’s instructional design, you can create compelling course material, incorporate your company’s brand, and set up various user roles.


Start learning from the moment you log in. ecelearn is easy-to-use and flexible for all users, giving access to a range of dynamic and intuitive tools and features to assist in your online learning experience.


If you are interested in creating a customised online learning management solution, contact us today and find out how ecelearn can work for you.