A range of features
create a personalised online learning and teaching


LMS software created to support your online teaching and learning needs,
incorporating a variety of innovative features to help you learn and teach like never before!
Below are some of the most popular features that make ecelearn one of the easiest LMS platforms to use.

Features designed with you in mind



Access key navigation to all sections of the site, as well as features including Latest news, Notice board, Useful information and Links.



Access multi-media course material and assignments in a single section. Notes can be added at anytime and bookmarks created for important course information.



Assessments are created, submitted, marked and returned to students all within this section, giving learners real time feedback.



Learners interact with instructors and each other by sharing their experiences, creating a truly collaborative learning environment.



Learners and instructors can access individual users completed journal tasks allocated within the various courses.



Resource and reference materials can be grouped into sections and controlled to ensure only relevant information is provided for each user.



Automatically highlights key dates including Discussion forums and Assessments. Users can also create personalised events and reminders.



Create and access notes at anytime to enhance the online learning and management experience.



Send messages to individuals or groups of users. Messages are kept within the system so they don’t get lost in cluttered eMail inboxes.



Real time collaboration with chat. An instant messaging tool for learners, instructors and supporting staff.



Update personal information including contact details, passwords and general settings from within the profile section.



A comprehensive resource of material to assist users around the site. Best of all it is customisable to suit your LMS solution.


Customise your solution

With a wide range of easy-to-use tools, your organisation can create a customised eLearning and eTeaching solution without the cost of developing and maintaining a one-off custom LMS.

New Zealand Tertiary College ,Early Childhood Teacher

Control your environment

Customise the options and sections various users see to suit your specific business needs.


Apply your brand

Incorporate, customise and promote your company branding and imagery, so people can see you.


Manage your people

We’ve made it easy for you to coordinate your staff and learners through innovative system tools.


Create compelling content

Create and build new online courses that are vibrant and interesting, and keep learners participating.


If you are interested in creating a customised online learning management solution, contact us today and find out how ecelearn can work for you.